Geek-chic for Denver's socially AWKWRD stretches its legs tonight

After ten successful years in the advertising business, Brian Wilkens decided to refocus his creative talents to help those who struggle withfeelings of awkwardness in social situations. He now turns geeks into geek-chic with the help of the new designs he creates under his own branch, AWKWRD.

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Wilkens is quick to confess that he is one of the people he set out to help. "I often feel awkward in social situations and I use fashion to break the ice," he says. "I want people to use my designs to help turn their uncomfortable situations into style."

AWKRD's first ice-breaker comes in the form of leggings with textile designs. Denver artist Debbie Clapper's exclusive designs served as the foundation for AWKWRD's first generation of leggings, described as "Primitive Modernist" leggings.

Wilkens is especially proud that the new line of leg wear is entirely made in Denver. It will launch as a feature the October Civilized Living event at Fancy Tiger Clothing, from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight.

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