Gettin' crafty: Make the neighbors jealous with your very own yarn wreath

For all those who give pom-pom critters for birthdays, feel an urge to stick googly eyes on everything or just occasionally get a twitch to fold some origami, we bring you "Gettin' Crafty" where we feature a craft you can easily make with minimal supplies and limited finances. So stop dog-earing pages in magazine of things you're "going to when you have time" -- find the time and embrace the hot glue gun and knitting needles. Get crafty! Today we present you with a seasonal craft: the yarn wreath. Eco-friendly, reusable and easy. Can you feel the jealous glares of the neighbors? We can.


One styrofoam/floral foam wreath-shape Yarn Any embellishments you want on your yarn wreath Fabric glue to adhere the embellishments to the yarn wreath Clear tape Scissors


1. Tie a large knot in one end of the yarn. Tape the yarn to the wreath shape so that it is secure. Give it a tug. Did the knot slide through the tape? Bad. Try again.

2. Begin wrapping the yarn around the wreath. Pull the yarn tight so it looks the seamless and doesn't bunch up or gap. I developed this method: squeeze the wreath between your knees, hold the ball of yarn in your right hand, pass the ball of yarn through the wreath, grab it with your left hand and pull it tight while passing the yarn over the wreath back to the right hand.

3. Keep wrapping. I suggest watching your favorite sitcom while you do this. Thirty minutes is just about the right length of time to wrap the whole wreath, and watching television makes the time go faster so you're not looking at the clock wondering why you are still wrapping yarn around a foam shape.

4. You can alternate colors by tying the new color onto the yarn that has already been wrapped around the wreath. Cut the yarn where you want to switch colors and tie on the new color yarn. Try to make sure all the knots from the color changing are on the same side. Otherwise you'll look like an amateur.

5. Keep wrapping and switching colors as you want. Or never switch colors -- it's your wreath.

6. When you have wrapped around the entire wreath, cut the yarn and tie the end to the yarn tail left from the knot that you taped down at the beginning. Consider your wreath wrapped.

7. Decorate however you want. Hot glue some vintage buttons to the wreath. Spray paint some pinecones gold and glue those things down. Make a bow out of ribbon. Write "Welcome" in puff paint. Go crazy. Just because it's a "wreath" doesn't mean it's a "Christmas wreath". The colors and decorations are all up to you. Mine is a "Winter Wreath". How's that for being politically correct?

8. Hang it somewhere. Who says it has to go on the front door? I think it would look particularly great on a refrigerator. Then anyone you live with, or friends who come over or family members visiting for the holidays, is forced to see it whenever they want a beverage, and must then acknowledge your crafty ways. Expect compliments.
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Sarah Myers
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