Go Skateboarding Day: 303 ways to skate down a set of stairs

Colorado skateboarders in Colorado don't need an official holiday to put wheels to pavement: after all, there are 159 skate parks statewide and eight more in development. But last Thursday's international

Go Skateboarding Day

celebration still made for a good excuse. The first video from the local festivities is

Royal Stain

filmer Tristan Minton's edit from the "Big 4" at Confluence Park, where the

303 Boards

crew threw an impromptu best trick contest and


Best of Denver 2012

Best Skateboarder winner Julian Christianson

pocketed $303 for taking top honors.

We'll try to add other Go Skateboarding Day 2012 edits from around Colorado to this post as they roll in over the next few days. For now, here's another recent Royal Stain edit featuring a Minton montage of Christianson and other skaters -- including Jamie Thomas, James Hardy, David Reyes, Manny Santiago, Kyle Nicholson, Phil Hansen, Andrew Smith, Josh Murphy, Cody Schulze, Alex Carrera, and Joey Abarca -- that serves as a teaser for the forthcoming video, H-DTS Down To Skate.

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