Gorinto gets deliciously gruesome tonight with The Edible Cadaver

Weekly avant-garde food and music party Gorinto changes things up a bit this evening at the Mercury Café with The Edible Cadaver, a night of gory delights and human-like edibles. This Wednesday night's foodie spread will be body part specific, from the Severed Melon (a mix of fruit, cured meats and mozzerella) to the veggie-friendly Human Roll sushi platter, all laid out for a cannibal-style feast. "I know some people are kind of grossed out by it, but it is all in good fun," says The Edible Cadaver creator, Rachel Paton.

Paton first put the human-food party together three years ago in her home, and last year, Gorinto creator Corey Elbin asked her to bring the idea to his Wednesday night gathering. This year, they teamed up with chef and fellow Gorinto participator Mark Shusterman, and trio built a savory body menu that includes over ten feet of local pickled produce, fresh baked bread and a Jeffrey Dahmer-inspired frozen banana dessert.

There will be several "heads" (complete with red pepper tongues) and replications of various limbs, so that there is plenty of food to go around. Paton also says the vegetarian-friendly dishes will be separate from those containing meat, like the forty or so pounds of it that will go into the meatloaf legs.

This evening's corpse-themed meal will be followed by a screening of cult zombie film Dead Alive, along with a monster-inspired drawing contest with a chance to win some prizes. Paton says this year's gory movie choice (last year's was the 1922 silent feature Nosferatu) was all in fun, picked to encourage diners to "hoot and holler and scream, and make the night a little campy." Gorinto's The Edible Cadaver begins at 8 p.m. tonight at the Mercury Café, is open to all ages and is $10 at the door.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.