Griffin Laughs at D Life

Comedian Kathy Griffin's days as Suddenly Susan's funny-voiced female sidekick, Vicki, may be gone -- the sitcom ended in 2000 -- but the wry-comment queen is still popping up all over the place, whether it's in an Eminem video ("The Real Slim Shady") or as host of the reality show Average Joe.

"I love to work," Griffin says by phone. "I'll do anything. I'll do the Glad Bag ad; I'll do a guest spot on a TV show."

Griffin mines her experiences in odd Hollywood jobs in an upcoming Bravo comedy special called The D-List. During the one-woman performance, which airs August 15 on the cable network, Griffin expounds on A-list celebrity culture. "I can kind of report to people about what's going on," she says. "I'm not really in with super-famous people, so I'm not really worried about burning bridges."

Quips the tart-tongued comic, who puts herself in the "D-list" category: "The last thing I want is privacy. The entire Internet can come to my house anytime and photograph me in my underwear. It could only help me."

Griffin credits the Bravo show for the buzz that's kept her hopping all over the country; if she's not held up by the "multiple lacerations" she says she incurred recently when actress Lara Flynn Boyle's lip implants knocked her to the floor, she'll take the Comedy Works stage in Denver this Friday and Saturday. And while her standup act has plenty of celebrity dish, it won't just be a D-List rerun. She'll intersperse her star-studded stories with material from non-celeb aspects of her life, as well.

"I'm not one of those conceptual comedians," explains Griffin, who begin jokes with premises such as "What if Abe Lincoln worked at the Mall of America?" Instead, she concentrates on tickling the audience's funny bone. "I'm a big believer in Œthe customers are always right,'" she says. "So if they're not laughing, I'm moving on."

Still, there's one topic that Griffin won't willingly entertain. Laugh-seekers should skip asking if she's often confused with "that redhead" from NewsRadio, unless they want to "win some sort of prize for being the four-millionth" person to do so.

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Caitlin Smith

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