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Hanna Ranch director Mitch Dickman on Kirk Hanna's legacy

Kirk Hanna was a cattle rancher, a conservationist and a Colorado legend before his untimely death at age 43. His pursuit of a utopian vision for the ranching way of life, and his impact on open-space preservation and resource management, are just part of the story told in Hanna Ranch, a new documentary from director Mitch Dickman. Hanna's vision for the future of ranching may be what makes his story worth sharing, but at its heart, it's a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare, full of conflict and despair, with vivid characters and an inspirational vision of a world that balances the needs of rural and urban populations for a better future for all. Hanna was a Colorado original, and the film offers a rich character study, an engaging narrative and a compelling argument for the importance of the man's work and his legacy. Before the film opens today at the Sie FilmCenter, we spoke to Dickman about how he came to work on the project, the challenges he faced and the state of Hanna's legacy today.

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