Hear and see Charly "the city mouse" Fasano's "Portland"

Poetry is one of the few written media that actually sounds better when it comes from the voice of the author. Unlike say, fiction, which tends to come out like a unnecessary, often drunken mess, poetry is actually enhanced by being able to see or hear the poem -- case in point, this tiny little audio-visual-poem from Charly "the city mouse" Fasano that takes less than a minute and half to get its point across.

Fasano's no stranger to using audio in his poems. In fact, he's put more than

a few of his works to tape

, most of which are available for free download or on cassette. He's something along the lines of a less offensive Bukowski, and we mean in the best way possible. His Chicago roots certainly shine through in a lot of his work, but as is evidenced by the clip above, he's been around. Still, perhaps it's just a hometown spirit, but we're rather partial to his Colorado tales.

Fasano has released a few traditional books on Fast Geek Press, and this summer he'll be dropping his newest, Next Analog Broadcast, on Sunnyoutside, a publisher based in Buffalo.

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