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Hello Kitty comes to the 16th Street Mall at Lollipop Gift (photos)

Do you know why Hello Kitty has no mouth? Because she speaks from the heart...

She also has a hypnotic, straight-up obsessive effect on American consumers that hasn't seemed to flag since her debut in the States in 1976. This ubiquitous, mouthless Sanrio-creation has become a veritable fetish for women, girls -- and more than a few men. For example, Troy Moore and Kenneth Chan really, really love Hello Kitty, and they've taken their happy, pink bow-adorned fee-fees and parlayed them into Lollipop Gift, a modestly-sized, exclusive Hello Kitty store located in the first floor of the Denver Pavilions, next door to Claire's.

"Even one-year-old toddlers recognize Hello Kitty," says Moore.

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Jenn Wohletz
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