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Hipster or Jesus? Boulder website attempts to answer eternal question

"Hipster or Jesus?" a new memeblog Denver Urbanist is linking to Boulderites Chris Znerold and Charlotte Myerberg may seem like all fun and games, but it actually highlights a major cultural challenge: How does one actually differentiate a precious ironic douchebag from the son of our Lord? After all, the similarities between the two are downright uncanny. Scraggly beard? Check. Shitty haircut? Check again. Wardrobe comprised of duds that went out of style eons ago? Clearly. Espouses a worldview that folks don't quite understand, but nobody wants to say anything? You betcha.

Come to think of it, maybe "Hipster or Jesus?" is downright redundant. Maybe there's no difference at all, and the carpenter-dude from Nazareth was actually the world's first hipster. At least that would explain all those daddy issues.

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