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History Colorado Wants Your COVID-19 Stories

History Colorado wants your COVID-19 stories.
History Colorado wants your COVID-19 stories. Jeffrey Beall / Flickr
The COVID-19 crisis is the stuff of history.

That's not lost on the team at History Colorado, which is already in the process of documenting and archiving how the state's residents are experiencing this pandemic.  "As the number of coronavirus cases grows in Colorado, we want to hear from you about how the outbreak is changing your daily life," History Colorado says on its website, where it's recruiting people to share their stories. "How are you navigating work and family needs? Has your place of work reduced hours, or been forced to close? What steps is your family taking to prevent the virus’s spread? What will you remember about this moment?"

There are multiple ways to share your story with the organization. You can complete an online survey; record videos, photos or audio; or leave a voice message at 720-466-8215.

You can even share a journal: History Colorado offers templates for journaling and shares guides for creating a journal of your own.

The late Stan Oliner, a historical society curator, would collect mementos from scenes of catastrophes, such as the Columbine shootings. Now History Colorado is letting you make some history of your own: Send your documents to [email protected]

Who knows? Maybe one day your memories, photos and videos will be on display in the museum. 
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