Hot Wheels

There are few companies in the skateboard industry with as revered a team as Flip, whose current roster is thick with living legends and mind-blowing upstarts from all over the globe. Today's Zumiez Couch Tour features England's Geoff Rowley, Finland's Arto Saari, Brazil's Bob Burnquist (who recently rode his skateboard into the Grand Canyon — no shit), icon Lance Mountain, a youngster from Colombia named David Gonzalez and others going to work on a street course and an eight-foot half-pipe set up in the parking lot of the Zumiez at Northfield Stapleton, 8340 East 49th Avenue. The event opens with an invitational amateur contest and also features an autograph session, product toss, free Jones soda and live music. A motorcycle accident earlier this year killed one of Flip's riders (Australian Shane Cross) and put another (Ali Boulala from Sweden) in the hospital, so be prepared for a melancholy air to the insanity. Visit or call 303-375-5654 for information.
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Josh Tyson