In a surprise finish, Loveland and Vegas set for a push

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort just extended its season until May 2 -- the same day Loveland is slated to call it quits, this weekend's dumper notwithstanding.

It's the latest closing ever for the former resort -- located 30 miles from the Strip -- and a ho-hum one for the latter. Ski Vegas is still sporting an impressive 60-inch base -- although warm spring weather is expected to change things in a hurry.

While I'm not advocating a spring road trip to Vegas, this may be the only opportunity we'll ever have to ski during the day in May before blacking out and losing our (well, actually your) retirement at the tables at Caesar's. So sleep on it.

And if you skip Lost Wages, you will actually be able to take a summer road trip to Mammoth Mountain in California: A huge snow season in the southern Sierra Nevada means the resort is staying open through July 4 -- the 11th time in 31 years it's managed to stay open so long.

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Eric Peterson