In honor of The People Vs. George Lucas, here are our five favorite Star Wars fan films

LucasFilm has had a long and storied past dealing with fans, which is a large chunk of what the film The People vs. George Lucas, which is screening this weekend at Denver FilmCenter, deals with. When fans first started making films inspired by Star Wars, LucasFilm quickly started sending out hundreds of cease-and-desist letters to anyone and everyone. But the company soon realized it couldn't keep its fans from creating fictions of their own, and eventually co-hosted an awards show to showcase the films. Find a few of our favorites after the break.

5. "Troops" "Troops" is the short film that lit the fire under the asses of thousands of fans to create their own films. It's a parody of Cops set in the Star Wars universe, and even though it was first shown over a decade ago, it still remains one of the finest examples of fan-created films.

4. "Solo Adventures" One question Star Wars fans have always had is "Why the hell does Jabba want Han Solo's head?" This short, 3D animated film answers that question -- and the story of why Solo dropped his cargo. It's ridiculously well done: From the animation to the voice work, this feels like a real, well-produced short film.

3. "Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)" This is one of our favorites because it demonstrates how enmeshed in popular culture Star Wars is. Of course, even though the narrator gets a lot of things right, she mixes up her movies often and skips parts of the plot. She even tosses in a few other movies for good measure. It works great for people who've seen the movies, but even if you haven't, you'll likely find yourself agreeing with everything she has to say.

2. Trooper Clerks It's Kevin Smith's Clerks with stormtroopers. What more do you want? It's hilarious in a lot of ways, but the way it simultaneously pokes fun at everything that both Smith and Lucas did captures everything that is great and terrible about both films.

1. Chad Vader This video doesn't have over 11,000,000 page views for nothing -- it's a damn funny series telling the story of Darth Vader's brother, Chad Vader, as he deals with his employees and his job as a day shift manager at a grocery store. The best part, really, is the fact it works even if you don't love the series.

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