It's a Snap

Hey, Sugar: Valentine's Day, nine days and counting. What will YOU be presenting your friends with when the celebration of love draws nigh?

You're DIY, but not in that lace-and-cupids kind of way, and you're on a budget that precludes buying long-stemmed roses and diamonds and shit. But you don't have to go all Hallmark on them, either. That's because Composition, the local oh-so in-the-moment independently owned design store, has a solution that will appeal both to your creative flair and your pocketbook.

Here's how it works: You go to Composition, 7180 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, in the Belmar Shopping District. You bring with you a brilliant mot. Or a sweet one or a clever one or a funny one. You slap down five bucks and spell it to life on a marquee-style message board, then pose beside it against a flowery backdrop while the Composition folks snap you in the act. And in two minutes, presto! Voila! A piece of your heart, complete with red envelope, ready to mail to whomever you choose. You are SO hip.

For information (and step-by-step instructions with pictures!), log on to or call 303-894-0025
Feb. 1-14, 2009

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