Book lovers have every reason to delight this week.EXPAND
Book lovers have every reason to delight this week.

Book It: The Five Best Literary Events This Week

As March comes to a close, literary lovers have a lot of events from which to choose. Like your fiction a bit noir-esque and sci-fi? Enjoy being inspired or challenged? Need a new novel? You’re in luck. Events this week hit all these points. What a coincidence, right? Literature is like that: small moments of surprising perfection. Here are five ways to find it.

Book It: The Five Best Literary Events This Week

Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Dog Men
7 p.m., Monday, March 26
Barnes & Noble
960 South Colorado Boulevard, Glendale

Jim Butcher comes to Barnes & Noble to read from and sign his newest entry in his popular Dresden Files series. The book focuses on the dangerous Harry Dresden as he’s drafted by the White Council of Wizards to investigate a series of murders in rural Mississippi. You had us at White Council of Wizards, Jim.

Elle Luna and Susie Herrick, Your Story Is Your Power
6:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 27
4280 Tennyson Street

In their book Your Story Is Your Power, Elle Luna and Susie Herrick guide women as they discover and embrace their own stories, so that they may better cultivate their feminine power and move forward, both as individuals and as part of a strong community of women seeking positive change.

Book It: The Five Best Literary Events This WeekEXPAND
Daniel Lobo at Flickr

Jungle Room, Mercury Cafe
7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, March 27
2199 California Street

Join ImageMaker’s Ed and Marcia Ward in the 97th installment of an evening of tales, tellings and fictions, presented live on stage down in the Jungle Room. Not Elvis’s Jungle Room at Graceland—something else is probably going on over there. Stick with the Mercury Cafe for this specific brand of storytime awesomeness.

Book It: The Five Best Literary Events This WeekEXPAND

Cynthia Swanson, The Glass Forest
Colorado Chautauqua Community House
7 p.m., Wednesday, March 28
900 Baseline Road, Boulder

The Chautauqua Author Series welcomes Denver writer Cynthia Swanson to read and sign copies of her latest book The Glass Forest, a gripping family history of tragedy, mystery and the unearthing of disturbing secrets. Swanson’s first novel was New York Times bestseller The Bookseller, which is currently being made into a movie starring Julia Roberts.

Christian Bök (Eunoia), Sommer Browning (Everything but Sex), and Filmmaker Erin Espelie
7 p.m., Saturday, March 31
7935 East 14th Avenue

Join Counterpath for an evening of innovative prose and film. Christian Bök is the Canadian author of Eunoia, a best-selling work of experimental literature that won the Griffin Poetry Prize. Sommer Browning writes poems, draws comics and tells jokes right here in Denver. And Erin Espelie divides her time between Four-Mile Canyon in Boulder and New York City, writing and making films about science, the environment, epistemology and expectation. What happens when these three creative forces come together? Find out Saturday.

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