Local Whiskerinas Will Add Hair-Raising Fun to Boulder Facial Hair Club Contest Tomorrow

With No Shave November just around the corner, celebrations of Colorado's best beards and mustaches are already under way. The Boulder Facial Hair Club will be hosting its second annual Beard and Moustache Contest in Longmont tomorrow, October 25, at Dickens Opera House; this year's competition will feature eight categories, including one devoted to women. While the idea of women participating in a facial hair competition might sound weird, it's actually a growing trend around the world.

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The USA's Ladies Fake Beard and Moustache Society -- also known as the Whiskerinas -- was established three years ago to offer women an opportunity to join in the facial hair fun and raise money for charity. Micky Martin, a member of the Bellefontaine Whiskerinas Chapter in Ohio, says the concept of women donning faux beards is new in the United States but is a longstanding tradition in Germany.

While male competitors in facial hair contests spend months, sometimes years, grooming and perfecting their beards, women have a different take on it. "We craft our own beards and can make them as real or as outrageous as you want them to be," Martin says. "It's more theme-based for the women."

Garian Vigil, a female competitor from Lyons, says most women will make their own beards and often pair them with costumes because the men have the "macho beard thing" going for them. "I've seen women use yarn, candy and even a fake spaghetti and meatballs getup," Vigil says. "I once saw a woman come out in a Sharknado beard."

Vigil admits that she got involved with the Boulder Facial Hair Club because of beer. "Southern Sun has stout month and the club was having chops month, so I threw on a pair of fake chops for the drink," Vigil says. After that, other members of the club approached Vigil to brainstorm ways they could get other women involved.

"They're guys, so of course they want to socialize with women," Vigil adds. "The Boulder Facial Hair Club is a social club, and from the beginning they've wanted women to come."

Erin Holt, another female competing in the Longmont contest, originally joined up because her husband serves on the club's board. "Last year I went as a spectator and I wore a fake beard just for the hell of it," Holt says. "But by the end of the night I was getting on stage so I could join in on the fun, too."

Holt's spur-of-the-moment decision to hop on stage last year sparked something within, and this year she will officially compete in the women's category of the Beard and Moustache Contest. "I found some cool yarn that looked like dreadlocks and I paired it with a flower headpiece," Holt says.

Martin encourages women around the country to get involved with this phenomenon and start their own local chapter of Whiskerinas.

"Fake beard competitions is the only thing I've ever won," Martin says. "It's awesome to walk away with a nice, big trophy for something that you worked so hard to create."

The Boulder Facial Hair Club's Beard and Moustache Contest starts at 6:30 p.m. October 25 at Dickens Opera House, 300 Main Street in Longmont. Registration for both men and women is $20 online and $25 day of, and spectator tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door. Find more information at the Boulder Facial Hair Club Facebook page. Follow Lauren Archuletta on Twitter at @laurenverytime.

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