Lori Callahan was the heart of the Denver comedy scene -- until her own heart failed her

People would laugh until they cried when Lori Callahan took the stage at Comedy Works South. And on April 13, both laughter and tears poured out as friends, family members and Callahan's fellow comics gathered in the room where the redheaded comic had slung jokes for years, taking their turn at the microphone as they honored the woman whom many called the "den mother of Denver comedy."

This city's comics fight every week to stand before a Comedy Works microphone, telling their stories to the crowd. But on this day, they were all telling Lori stories. How she had taken them on road trips around the country to tiny venues in one-horse towns. How she had gotten them gigs they never would have come near otherwise. How she would take them in her arms and tell them that they did great, that they killed, that they would make it one day. See also: Denver comics remember Lori Callahan

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Chris Utterback
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