Lucky '13: Sara Century from Night Nurses, Baby Hair, and Ladybug Fest

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This past year has been tough for many people, and we're eager to kiss 2012 goodbye. In hopes that 2013 will turn out to be much luckier for many, we invited some of the town's cultural tastemakers -- entrepreneurs and entertainers we're lucky to have in Denver -- to answer a trio of questions. We excerpted quotes from these Q&As in the New Year's Guide inserted in the December 13 issue of Westword, but we'll be featuring the complete interviews in a series of posts through the end of the year. Next up: Sara Century.

Sara Century does everything. Her resume from 2012 alone is unbelievably impressive: Century curated Ladybug Festival in Fort Collins, co-founded female-oriented spoken word night Baby Hair, released three comic books, played in a Hole cover band at the Denver County Fair (full disclosure: with me and fellow Westword scribe Bree Davies), toured the country as a solo artist and in her band Night Nurses, and booked numerous shows for out-of-state touring bands. This Renaissance lady is constantly on her grind, putting art and music into the world and helping create a safe, inclusive community for others to release their own art. We caught up with Century amidst her many creative endeavors to talk about her whirlwind 2012 and what she's looking forward to in the new year.

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Westword: Tell us about a time that you got lucky.

Sara Century: I get lucky every day. I'd have to tell you about every day of my life whenever something really amazing happens. Like, I just got lucky because I found an amp. I had gotten an amp stolen at the beginning of the year, and now I randomly have a new amp because it was just hanging out in this house that I moved into. And then the other day I found $100 on the sidewalk. Randomly lucky things happen to me all the time. But also, to counteract it, randomly chaotic things also happen to me all the time.

What's your resolution for 2013?

I don't make resolutions. My resolution for next year is probably just that I want to do 200 out-of-state shows, because this year I'm at almost close to 100, so I just want to double that next year. But that's only what I was gonna do anyway. That doesn't have anything to do with New Year's. Fuck New Year's, and fuck resolutions. They don't make any sense. Nobody follows their resolutions. This is something that I'm actually gonna do and have planned to do.

What are you doing on New Year's Eve?

I'm going to stay inside and hide from all of the drunk people, because drunk people scare the shit out of me. I'll probably just work the whole night or something. I'll probably just write or draw or play my guitar and just be really happy that I'm not outside watching people throw up on the sidewalk.

What was your favorite thing about 2012?

Being single through it was really awesome, because it freed up a lot of time and so I somehow accomplished this insane resume over the past year. I've done so much touring and so many shows and booking and stuff like that. It's been really awesome to look back and be like, oh my god, last year I did so so so many things instead of looking back and being like, oh, last year I dated that one girl, or last year I wish I would've done more, or anything like that. My favorite thing about 2012 is that I just spent the whole thing pursuing my favorite things.

Can you talk about all the things you did?

Yeah, it's really crazy. It's almost too crazy to even list. Trying to look back on it in a detailed way, it just kind of blends together because I've just been doing everything. I did my first festival, which was Ladybug. And before that we went in and painted the entire interior of that space in four hours and it was me and three other artists, which is really crazy to me to paint this giant room. I did six tours I think. I started a band called Night Nurses and just went everywhere. I did one crazy tour that was half ride sharing up the coast, which was really crazy but also something I never would've even known was in my power to actually accomplish. I feel like 2012 was completely full of millions of things that I did that really proved to me that I'm really awesome at doing things by myself and under my own power and that's really good to know. I'm a solo artist.

You also released how many comics this year?

Three. And it sucks because they're all stapled-together comics. I never had done a full comic by myself before this last year. I had just done pieces and zines and stuff like that, so actually being able to complete an entire comic book and to triple that, to do it three times in a year that was obviously full of other chaotic things was really intense. I don't know, just everything about it. Zines, what else did I fucking do? Can you think of anything else that I've done this year? I booked a bunch of touring bands.

Yeah, I feel like you've been very instrumental in making sure that touring bands have shows, which is really valuable.

There's been so many venues shifting and changing, and there's traditional routes to follow like Unit E or Mouth House or Rhinoceropolis or Seventh Circle, but all of those places are really busy and they don't always have room for you, so I feel like my job is important because it means that whenever other venues in town that are DIY venues aren't responding to somebody, usually I'm the one who can direct them to somebody or hook them up with a random, one-off house show or something along those lines.

How do you do it all?

By being single. I think if I was dating somebody there's, like, no way I could do this. All of my crazy sexual energy just goes into arts right now, so it's kind of better. I honestly have been feeling really weird any time I'm supposed to go on a date or something because I feel like I'm kind of cheating on art in a weird way. I'll be like, oh, this is really nice to spend time with this person, but I could, like, go check my email and get back to somebody and that'd be really awesome. It's just really strange, because there's clearly no way that I would be able to sustain this amount of output.

I smoke a lot of weed, too, and that helps me never ever stress. So that's been really instrumental is never actually getting upset or angry or tense no matter how chaotic a situation gets because I'm probably smoking weed. Weed and not having sex are the only ways to get through.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Everything. Fucking everything. Every bit of 2013 I wanna be awake for and catch. I wanna be there. I'm looking forward to midnight on January 1, taking my very first breath, and I'm looking forward to the last breath of the year. I'm looking forward to every moment of 2013 because it's another year and it's more life and that's really awesome.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.