M Uptown Gets a Clue, Introduces New Mystery Drag Show

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M Uptown is getting in the holiday spirit with a twisted spin on its Friday night Dreamgirls, Denver’s longest-running regular drag revue. Starting this Friday, the show is taking a cue from a popular board game and putting its girls into a murder mystery.

The new show, Get a Clue!, will have a three-week run during this haunted month. It finds the resolving cast of Dreamgirls inhabiting the personalities of the board game’s famous personalities — Miss Scarlett, Miss White, Professor Plum — and allows the audience to interact with the girls and decide which one killed Betty Basic. Her ghost will host/haunt the show, leading to clues about which performer may have done the deed, with what dragtastic weapon (pantyhose, stilettos, duct tape, shade) and in what area of M Uptown the murder occurred.

“I’ve wanted to try this concept with a drag show for a long time,” says Morgan Taylor, events manager of M Uptown whose imagination and chutzpah have helped light the fuse for the drag explosion at this venue. “Who didn’t play Clue and want to be one of those iconic characters? And who better to play them than this talented cast?" Taylor asks. "I’m encouraging the girls to go into the audience before the show begins and tease them to give out clues for the big reveal later in the show. The audience gets game cards, and we have some really awesome prizes for some smart detective out there!”
The cast kicking off the show includes some of Denver’s best and brightest: Jessica L’Whor is Ms. Scarlett, Veronica Taylor is Ms. White, Lacey Vanderpump is Mrs. Peacock, Vandy Sexton is Colonel Mustard, Daphne Decoteau is Ms. Green, and Westword’s Best Drag Queen of 2016, Felony Misdemeanor, is Professor Plum; haunting the action as the ghost of Betty Basic is Kai Lee Mykels.

If the game is popular, Get a Clue! may return on a monthly basis at M Uptown. But for now the game is afoot for the next three Fridays — at 10 p.m. on October 7, 14 and 21 — with a special Halloween version of Dreamgirls (retitled Screamgirls, naturally) spooking up the joint on October 28.

M Uptown is located at 700 East 17th Avenue. Admission is free, but reservations are recommended, since seats are usually claimed far in advance. (There's often room at the bar, though.) To reserve a spot, call 303-832-1333, ext 3. For more information on Get a Clue! and M Uptown’s other events, visit m-uptown.com or its Facebook page.

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