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Meet the Couples of Married at First Sight, Denver Edition

"All I know is there's going to be a whole lot of ladies moving to Denver after this season airs," according to Nicole Haynes.
Emily and Brennan are one of five couples on Married at First Sight.
Emily and Brennan are one of five couples on Married at First Sight. YouTube

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"The mountains of Denver, Colorado, are the perfect backdrop for falling in love," says Married at First Sight host Kevin Frazier in a special episode kicking off the series' seventeenth season. The Denver-based round will start on October 18 with an episode titled "Mile High Matrimony"; the special introduces the five new couples while Frazier and guests debate whether they'll last.

The reality show, which debuted in 2014, follows people who decided they want to find love (or, more likely, their Bachelor auditions weren't picked up) and are willing to marry a complete stranger chosen for them by "relationship experts." They meet on the day they get married, spend the night in a hotel, and are sent off on their honeymoons before being filmed for eight more weeks. By the end, they must decide whether to stay married or divorce.

This is the first season filmed in Denver, which guest Angelique Jackson of Variety sassily calls "Menver."

"All I know is there's going to be a whole lot of ladies moving to Denver after this season airs," adds Nicole Haynes of Essence. "Usually there's way more women around than men, so to have a city where there's more men to choose from for us ladies, I mean — that's heaven on Earth!" Maybe for you, Nicole.

As the season goes on, viewers will see whether the Mile High matches are made in heaven or reality-TV hell. Here's what the October 11 episode revealed about the couples:

Emily and Brennan
Emily (29) has never had a boyfriend before and says she "hates the dating scene" because she always gets ghosted, but she loves to travel. Brennan (28) says he's from New York and likes to speak his mind, but he's "had to tone back his New York energy when I moved to Denver" (this could be a quote from any New Yorker who moves here). Because he sleeps in bed alone, he says he likes to rotate his pillows so they don't "feel neglected" and receive "equal love."

Brennan also says "divorce is not an option," which makes his decision to be on the show all the more interesting. He also says women tell him he's "the best sex they've had in their entire lives," so he could also just be a little delusional.

However, as AP journalist Gary Gerard Hamilton notes in Emily's case, "Ghosting is wrong, but when you consistently get ghosted, that makes me wonder if something else is going on."

Lauren and Orion
Lauren (30) says dating in Denver is "disappointing." Orion (27), says he is "past surface-level relationships" and wants to introduce his Native American heritage to his future wife. Lauren says she's hoping that her partner has a strong connection to his culture, so they're off to a good start. She also says she is very sexually fluid, while Orion says he's very "open" and has explored his own sexuality as well. It's a toss-up between the guest commentators as to whether this pair will last, but comedian Sarah Frazer and Haynes have confidence in the couple.

Becca and Austin
Becca (31) is all about the risk inherent in Married at First Sight, while Austin (31) thinks that if it works, "that would be the ultimate meet-cute ever." He loves "independent and motivated people" with a sense of humor, adventure and creativity. Becca, who is photographer and loves to hike, says her type is "the typical Colorado man." Thankfully, Austin is a native Coloradan who, on paper, wants the same things as she does.

Unfortunately, in an incredibly awkward conversation, the guest commentators worry they may not find each other attractive.

Clare and Cameron
Cameron (32) moved to Denver from New Zealand and wants a partner who "has his back" and whom he can build a family with. Clare (27) is a quadruplet and a therapist (imagine seeing your therapist on a reality show!); she wants a "family man" who is "emotionally intelligent." Cameron uses words and phrases such as "safe space" and "open and honest," so that could be a good indicator for the pair.

However, Frazer says they both seem "intense," which could pose issues, and Hamilton believes they are going to get divorced on Decision Day (the final episode).

Michael and a Mystery Match

"I have an eclectic taste and an eclectic set of hobbies," says Michael (38). "I do think I'm a little more of an acquired taste." That's why he believes he's been single since he moved to Denver. Still, he says that sex is incredibly important to him, and it's "how I get to explore how happy it makes me to make someone else happy."

All the guests agree he does not seem like the typical Denver guy (Frazer says he belongs in L.A.). "I think if they match him with somebody who has their own unique sense of style, they'll be able to truly appreciate him," Haynes says.

This is the first time Married at First Sight has not revealed the other half of one couple, and the special shows that poor Michael is denied at the aisle. But to find out who did the denying — and what happens next — you'll have to tune in on October 18.
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