Menswear Mondays: Drawer Daniel Donez on his autumn fashion

Sunday brought the start of autumn, and Denver's street style reflected that transition. For progressive menswear, we didn't need to look further than Daniel Donez, a local student and artist we spotted carrying his own artwork that complemented his black and white look. Keep reading to learn where he shops, his favorite accessory and his style icon.

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Name: Daniel Donez.

Profession: Student and artist. I draw and work with Photoshop.

Spotted: The 1500 block of Champa Street.

Favorite film: I don't even watch movies.

2013 jam: "Circle of Life" by Wasted Penguins.

Style inspirations/icons: My older brother, Frankie. He kinda dresses like this.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite accessory: Scarves. I have multiple ones, but this one is my favorite.

Style mantra: I don't really have one.

Shops at: H&M, Pac Sun and Hot Topic, mainly.

"I was just in the 16th Street Mall arts festival," says Donez. Taht's why he was carrying this new, untitled piece he did with a black Sharpie; it's priced at $45. This two- tone pants with suspender combination is a key look for Donez.

Style analysis: Donez is an example of 16th Street style done well -- especially since this street fashion is accessorized by street art from a sidewalk sale. His art is classic and monochromatic, as is his personal style. He rocks a chunky, gray knit sweater to break up the black and white. Donez also sports his favorite scarf and experiments with checked pants.

Always combine art and fashion when in doubt, Denver.

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