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Meow Wolf Denver Reveals Its Local Creative Contributors

"Wheelchair Space Kitchen" inside Meow Wolf Denver.
"Wheelchair Space Kitchen" inside Meow Wolf Denver. Meow Wolf Denver/Kennedy Cottrell
Just like the building rising at the juncture of I-25 and the Colfax viaduct, the list of local artists working on Meow Wolf Denver has been kept largely under wraps, though names have been leaking out.

And now Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment behemoth that grew out of a ragtag collective, has officially announced the 110 Colorado artists who've been working on the Denver installation, the third in the Meow Wolf lineup and the most narratively complex.

“Fasten your seatbelts, Meow Wolf Denver is our most ambitious project to date! With hundreds of creatives working on this massive endeavor, including overwhelming talent from local Denver-based artists, we can’t wait for guests to experience the magic confined within these uniquely shaped walls,” says Ali Rubinstein, CCO and Co-CEO of Meow Wolf, in an announcement of the names. “Starting this fall, guests can explore four floors of exhibition space, with portals transporting them to worlds beyond their wildest imagination.”

The actual date of the opening has not been announced, nor has the name of the Meow Wolf Denver installation. The flagship in Santa Fe is The House of Eternal Return; Omega Mart, the Las Vegas project, opened in February and includes some work by Coloradans, too.
click to enlarge Kalyn Heffernan has run for mayor, been on the cover of Westword...and worked with Meow Wolf. - ANTHONY CAMERA
Kalyn Heffernan has run for mayor, been on the cover of Westword...and worked with Meow Wolf.
Anthony Camera
But that lineup is nothing like the who's who of local talent — from emerging to established artists — that's been working on Meow Wolf Denver, which will fill four floors with 79 separate art projects. Just for starters, there's  "Wheelchair Space Kitchen" from former mayoral candidate and Westword MasterMind Kalyn Heffernan and musician Gregg Ziemba; "Earth Spirits of the Subconscious Mind," by Cal Duran and David Ocelotl Garcia; “Indigenous Futurist Dreamscape Lounge,” by Molina Speaks (another Westword MasterMind); and the “Aquakota” nightclub, conceptualized by the late Colin Richard Ferguson Ward and completed in his memory by Peniel Apantenco and Kim Shively.

Here's the complete list of local artists included in the 300 creatives working on Meow Wolf Denver:

Individual Collaborating Artists & Duos from Colorado:
Adam Christopher
Andi Todaro
Ashley Frazier, Michael Sperandeo
Brandan Styles "Bzurk”, Ellie Rusinova
Brian Corrigan
Cal Duran, David Ocelotl Garcia
Cami Galofre
Chris Bagley
Christopher Owen Nelson, Sam Carlson
Christopher Short
Collin Parson
Corrina Espinosa
Dan Taro
David Farquharson
Dice 51
Douglas A. Schenck “DAS”
Dylan Gebbia-Richards
Frankie Toan
Ian McKenna
Jaime Molina, Pedro Barrios
Jennifer Pettus
Jess Webb
Jodi Stuart, Libby Barbee
Joseph Lamar
Joshua Goss
Justin Camilli
Justin Gitlin aka Cacheflowe
Kalyn Heffernan, Gregg Ziemba
Katy Zimmerman, Erika Wurth
Kia Neill
Kristin Stransky
Laaiaim Mayer
Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
Marjorie Lair, Kyle Vincent Singer
Maya Linke
Myah Sarles
Nicole Banowetz
Nolan Tredway
Ramón Bonilla
Reed Fox, Ben Weirich
Sabin Aell, Randy Rushton
Scott Hildebrandt
Sean Peuquet
Shayna Cohn
Sigrid Sarda
Sofie Birkin
Thomas Scharfenberg
Viviane Le Courtois
Wynn Earl Buzzell Jr.
click to enlarge "Indigenous Futurist Dreamscape Lounge," by Molina Speaks. - MEOW WOLF DENVER
"Indigenous Futurist Dreamscape Lounge," by Molina Speaks.
Meow Wolf Denver
Collaborating Artist Groups From Colorado
Andrew Novick, Pamela Webb, Robert Ayala
Chad Colby, Lexis Loeb, Hayley Kirkman
Charles Kern, Ty Holter, Ben Jackson, Rachel Bilys, Brett Sasine
Demiurge LLC: Joe Riche and Wynn Buzzell
Eriko Tsogo, Jennifer Tsogo, Tsogo Mijid, Batochir Batkhishig
F. Ria Khan, Armon Naein, Blake Gambel, Calvin Logan, Charles Candon, Harrison Bolin, Luke Collier, Maria Deslis, Sky Johnson, Sofia Rubio-Topete
Ladies Fancywork Society
Merhia Wiese, Annabelle Wiese, Maggie Wiese, Eunseo Zoey Kim, Dan Griner
Mike Lustig, Mitch Hoffman, Tim Omspach, Nathan Koral, Evan Beloni, Ryan Elmendorf, Scott Wilson, Charlis Robbins
Molina Speaks, Stevon Lucero, DJ Icewater, Felix "Fast4ward" Ayodele, Diles, Emily Swank
Oren Lomena, Alaine "Skeena" Rodriguez, Alius Hu
Peniel Apantenco, Kim Shively, Colin Richard Ferguson Ward, In memoriam
Sam Caudill, Sean Louis Rove, Juancristobal Hernández
Secret Love Collective: Katy Batsel, Lares Feliciano, Colby Graham, Piper Rose, Frankie Toan, Katy Zimmerman, Lauren Zwicky, Genevieve Waller
The Church of Many: Andrea Thurber, Elsa Carenbauer, Anna Goss, Maddi Waneka and Emily Merlin
Waffle Cone Club: Kyle Vincent Singer, Scott Kreider, Marjorie Lair

Other Collaborating Artists and Groups

Everything Is Terrible!
Kevin Bourland
Michael Lujan
Moment Factory
Nina Mastrangelo
Scott Geary, Wayne Geary, Gary Ashkin

While that's a lot of local talent, Meow Wolf looked outside the Mile High City for the general manager of Meow Wolf Denver. Last week it announced that the position will be filled by Alex Bennett, who arrives with nearly thirty years of experience as a venue manager and event producer for such projects as Ironman, Experience Music Project (now the Museum of Pop Culture) and the Seattle Center (known for the Bumbershoot festival).

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