Merry-go-round fail: Your moment of lulz

If you were a kid before somewhere in the mid-'90s, you remember the merry-go-round, that spinning metal disk of danger that, if you were lucky, you could get your dad to spin you around on at incredibly hazardous speeds until the g-forces peeled your fingers off the metal rails and sent you flying toward another visit from the tooth fairy or until you succumbed and released a streak of vomit into the whipping wind. Anymore, the merry-go-round as a playground toy has largely been replaced by safer, more boring plastic shit, due to its very real potential for bodily injury when used just as intended, let alone like these dumbasses use it.

Judging by the helpfully straightforward statement of purpose here at the beginning of the video -- "we're gonna spin him around, see how dizzy he gets" -- we can be certain that these young fellows have at least apprehended the basic purpose of the merry-go-round, although they seem to have grasped it a little late in life. How the trash can got factored into the proceedings is unclear, but it does serve as a foreshadowing of the failure that is about to take place; it's pretty safe to assume that the only person who didn't see this ending in disaster is the guy located inside the trash can.

Poor kid, but it's hard to feel too bad for him, though -- after all, it's this kind of shit that ruined merry-go-rounds for the rest of us.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.