Midnight Mayhem

SAT, 10/15

Sid Pink, the self-proclaimed "Host with the Most Boast," is Colorado's premier mocker of ceremonies. But besides emceeing scores of events around Denver over the past few years, Jason Stoval's coiffed and zinger-spitting alter ego is infamous for two comedy projects: Think Pink, a riotous fake game show, and Afternoon Delight, a variety program that appeared on KBFR, Boulder's now-defunct pirate radio station. It makes twisted sense, then, that Pink (right) has mashed the two together to create his new production, Midnight Delight.

"It's a monthly variety entertainment show," Pink explains. "We were really inspired by Fernwood 2Night, Bobby Bittman on SCTV and even '80s David Letterman. We wanted to broaden the scope of what we did on Afternoon Delight."


Midnight Delight

Accompanied by his sidekick, Arkady, Pink will infect the hi-dive tonight with his virulent strain of sick humor. After an opening monologue that's likely to raise as much ire as laughter, Arkady's liver (in the form of a hand puppet) will be interviewed, followed by a round of "'80s TV Pop Quiz," during which the audience can yell out the names of Reagan-era sitcoms for Arkady to spontaneously compose and perform songs about. Local dance-punk act the Funeral will then play a set to warm up the crowd for a dance party led by DJ 626 and Pink himself. For those who are chicken and/or indigent, the event will be streamed live at www.hi-diveradio.com.

"We'll probably rattle some hipster braincases," Pink says gleefully. "That's my prediction."

The hi-dive is located at 7 South Broadway; the cheap shots start flowing from the bar and the stage alike at 9 p.m. Admission is $6. Call 720-570-4500 or go to www.hi-dive.com for info. -- Jason Heller

Wed Alert
Dan Savage is back in town.
TUES, 10/18

Don't expect James Dobson to be sitting up front when Dan Savage comes to town today to talk about his new book, The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family. Savage, whose Savage Love advice column runs in Westword every week, is a raunchy raconteur, best known for talking about sex -- and not so much about marriage or family. However you define family these days.

With this book, though, Savage reveals the many meanings of family -- from the large, Irish brood in Chicago that he describes in lovely, hilarious detail (even outing his grandmother's love affair that he discovered when his mother sent him a packet of old letters) to his own home in the Pacific Northwest, occupied by his boyfriend (Savage hates the word "partner"), Terry; their adopted son, DJ; and DJ's one-eyed toy poodle, Stinker.

Commitment is a wild ride -- complete with cross-country road trip -- through Savage's exploration of the history of commitment (with some side trips into sex and politics) even as he and Terry decide whether they should tie the knot. And do they? To find out, you'll have to see Savage at noon today at the Denver Press Club, 1330 Glenarm Place ($20 includes lunch), or at 7:30 p.m. at the Tattered Cover LoDo, 1628 16th Street.

For more information, visit www.tatteredcover.com or www.denverpressclub.com. -- Patricia Calhoun

Gold Standard
SAT, 10/15

We wept when Westword moved its offices out of LoDo, pushed out of our home of more than twenty years by the space and parking crunch. Where would we go to avoid work? More important, where could we drink while pretending to work? But now, six years later, the Golden Triangle has more than enough activity to keep us hopping -- and happy. Experience the neighborhood's delights yourself today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., when Striking Gold in the Triangle sends you on a self-guided tour that includes all of the area's cultural organizations -- from galleries to the Denver Art Museum -- as well as to numerous restaurants and bars, eight lofts, assorted shops, and Bird Brain, where you'll learn all about parrot rescue. Tickets are $10; for more information, call 303-572-0506. -- Patricia Calhoun

It's Alive!
Frankenstein comes to the Boulder library.
WED, 10/19

Bela Lugosi is dead, but Frankenstein isn't. "It's alive!" and kicking through December 2 at the Boulder Public Library, 1000 Canyon Boulevard. Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature is a national traveling exhibit examining Mary Shelley's extraordinary life and the historical and cultural significance of her immortal 1818 novel.

Shelley's beleaguered and misunderstood creature has evolved into a pop-culture icon that's been pimped out as a spokesmonster to hawk everything from bars to breakfast cereal. Nonetheless, the legend endures and is relevant to current issues: The implications of cloning and genetic engineering loom as large in the public mind as Boris Karloff's platform monster shoes.

The show opens today, and the BPL has scared up plenty of related programs to complement the exhibit, including speakers, films, makeup and face-painting workshops and a "Franken-Art" festival. All events are free and open to the public. For more info and schedules, lurch on over to www.boulder.lib.co.us/calendar/frankenstein or contact Carol Heepke at 303-441-3196 or heepkec@boulder.lib.co.us . -- Debra A. Myers

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