Mike Doughty on writers who keep bringing up Soul Coughing

In advance of his April 1 appearance in Boulder, Bree Davies interviewed Mike Doughty about his life after Soul Coughing, his solo work and his new autobiography, The Book of Drugs.

She attended Doughty's show at the Fox Theatre Sunday night, and wrote about that.

And then we received this note from Doughty:

I had a fantastic time playing the Fox on Sunday. Colorado listeners have been really good to me. You can feel it when the audience feels it. It's been great.

I thought Bree Davis' review of the show was unfair. Bree's been very cool to me in the past, so I was weirded out that she began her review by saying:

"No matter how many ways he said no, Mike Doughty was still bombarded with requests for Soul Coughing songs at the Fox Theatre last night."

It's been a bunch of years since I went off on my own, and the audience knows by now that I'm playing new tunes. There's always a handful of people that aren't aware of that, but, at this point, most come for the new stuff -- because that's the whole show.

I heard two drunk dudes -- one yelled once, and I told him I didn't do Soul Coughing songs. The other guy I had to tell twice. They both stopped -- and both got barked at by irritated listeners near them.

Look, I've seen other bands, and a bunch of drunks kept yelling titles, relentlessly, for the entire show. Two drunk dudes who promptly shut up when asked -- that's bombardment?

I wish Bree mentioned people yelling out solo tunes -- "Grey Ghost," "Sugar Plant", "Blue Dress", "Put It Down" -- also not bombardment, but definitely more than two people. A dozen people go "Whoohoo!" when I start playing "27 Jennifers," and she leads with the two drunk dudes? That sucks.

Am I crazy? People I spoke to said the same thing -- did Bree hear something we didn't?

Maybe that was just a more interesting story to tell? Jeez.

Thanks for the chance to respond. Whatever you guys say about what I'm doing, I'm grateful that Westword's paying attention in the first place.

--Mike Doughty

Thanks for the note, Mike. Frankly, we're glad you didn't hear what Bree did at your show -- with all you've done since the Soul Coughing days, there's so much more to listen to. And talk about. And we hope to be talking about it for a long time to come. No more "Super Bon Bon."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.