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MileHiCon Turns a Fantastic Fifty

MileHiCon 50 lands at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center October 19 through 21.
MileHiCon 50 lands at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center October 19 through 21. Danielle Lirette
A lot of things happened in 1969: Americans landed on the moon, Sesame Street debuted on public television, and here in Denver, MileHiCon was held for the first time. Back then it was called Mini-Con (it wouldn’t be dubbed MileHiCon until 1972), and it was a by-fans-for-fans convention of fantasy, horror and science fiction for those who just wanted to gather together for the day and talk about shared passions. Almost fifty years later, it still is…only now it’s a full weekend of literary nerdalicious fun.

More than sixty fan-favorite writers will be participating this year, including 24 headliners invited from years past. But there’s also art and gaming and vendors and panels and, of course, cosplay galore. Tickets for the celebration will be available at the door.

So what’s in the lineup for MileHiCon, taking place at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center October 19 through 21? Glad you asked. Here are the eight most notably nerdy things to do and see at MileHiCon’s fiftieth celebration.

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Anthony Camera
1. All the Books, Books, Books, Books
If you’re like most readers, you have a stack of “to read” books on your nightstand, or an end table, or a specific shelf (or four) in your bookcase. Chances are also good that you’ve had to subdivide them into “read immediately” and “read soonish” and “read sometime when the bombs have dropped and I’ve somehow survived and not stepped on my glasses.” Well, here’s a chance to add to your piles of lovely bookish goodness, folks. Load up.

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Anthony Camera
2. And, Of Course, Their Authors
There are always great writers at MileHiCon — it draws a national and sometimes international audience in the genre trades. But for the fiftieth MileHiCon, organizers have pulled out all the stops, inviting all of the keynotes from previous years to make a return appearance. Many have graciously agreed to attend, including Barbara Hambly, Carrie Vaughn, Connie Willis, Lawrence Watt-Evans, James Van Pelt, Mario Acevedo and too many more to list.

3. Panels and Programs
More than 200 events are scheduled this year, covering topics from writing to art to publishing to science demonstrations to kids’ interests to cosplay to gaming and more. You want to learn how to do one of the many amazing things on display in other parts of the convention? Here’s how you do it, with lessons from the pros themselves.
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