New Piece Up at the CIA Wall

View a larger image of the full wall.

As always, it’s back to the CIA wall where RTD honcho ACEE, HOME from BTR crew and Double from GuerillaGarden have sprayed down an homage to the Dave Chappelle character Sir Smoke-A-Lot, from the 1998 cult classic, Half Baked. It’s the little touches that count. The pot print background would make a fine pattern for opium den wallpaper. And what’s up with the W-E-E-D on homeboy’s front teeth? It’s always such a shame to see works like this disappear in a matter of months while some blurry pot leaf painted by some 420 wannabe seems to hang around forever. But maybe that’s the point – nothing good ever lasts. –Jared Jacang Maher

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Sean Cronin