On the Remake

There are so many seemingly random elements at play in the Yes! Lab's concept for The Remake Rumble improv series, that they could almost be variables in a long-form improv game. The basic idea: take the plot elements and characters from famous movies and remake them, improv style. But -- the movies are science fiction movies and it's a bracket-style tournament -- a tournament, by the way, in which the team throwing the contest will not be participating. Throw in audience suggestions, and... go!

Actually, Yes! Lab is not really an improv team, either. Started about a year ago, the Lab is an "improvisation training program," and its players are also its students. In part, says Paul Cross, a Yes! Lab instructor and organizer of the Rumble, "the reason I put the whole thing together is to have a weekly venue for the students of Yes! Lab." In keeping with that mission, the Yes! Lab group (called The Sycophants) opens each each night with a little long-form improv, the Lab's specialty.

The long-form style, notes Cross, is ideally suited to a concept like remaking a movie, which provides the basic framework to riff within -- and that's where the contest comes in.

Now the process, which began in January, will come to an end at tonight's final round. Two of the following teams.

Who will win it all? Catch the rumble at the Impulse Theater,1634 18th Street(Cross is careful to note that it's not an Impulse show; Impulse is just providing the space). Tickets are $8 -- or $5, for some reason, if you say "Daddy-o" at the door. Because at a competition this random, why not?

Visit http://www.impulsetheater.com/remake-rumble.html for information.
Mondays. Starts: Jan. 10. Continues through April 18, 2011

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Jef Otte
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