Open Assault

Put the fun between your legs today at the second annual Subaru Urban Assault Bike Race. Open to cyclists of all ages, the course runs throughout the city and is set up like a scavenger hunt, with landmarks that must be found and various checkpoints that include physical/mental challenges. Teams of two compete for the ultimate prize: a pair of limited-edition Fat Tire cruisers. It’s kind of like The Amazing Race, but without the reality-TV pseudo-drama.

“Most bike races are extremely serious and sanctioned by certain race organizations,” says organizer Josh Kravetz. “Basically what we try to do is to make the concept of cycling really fun, and ultimately what we want is to promote bike transportation so that people can incorporate it into their daily lives.”

Post-race is Rio Grande’s Fiesta de Bicicleta, a day-long bike party that celebrates all forms of cycling with both free and pay activities, including a road-bike drag race, a costumed cruiser ride and a messenger-style alleycat (whose first prize is a shiny new track bike). All games and contests are family-friendly.

The races start at Mile High Station, 2027 West Colfax Avenue; check-in begins at 7 a.m. Register at www.urban or call Kravetz at 303-408-0747 for more info.

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Tuyet Nguyen