Over the Weekend: Frida Kahlo haunts the Comfort Cafe

You could almost hear the monkeys chattering in the little back yard behind Tennyson Street's Comfort Cafe on Friday night: Amid the lingering smoke of the pig they'd roasted there the night before, a blaze of fruity Mexi-color filled both the yard and the cafe itself for the sixth annual Beads Braids & Brows FridaStyle ArtShow, an out-and-out love letter to Frida's brazen spirit featuring Frida-inspired jewelry, art and shrines, along with a playful sensibility that Frida would have loved. The evening was perfect, there was delicious homemade food and there were Fridas galore, everywhere. Some of the sensual sights of FridaStyle follow. Walking in to the Comfort Cafe was like crossing the border and stepping into the jungle.

And then it was just pure Frida, as far as the eye could see...

Candlelit shrines paid tribute to Frida Kahlo in the backyard outbuilding, which was darkly reminiscent of the Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico.

There were beautiful Frida wares in fabulous Mexi-colored profusion!

Not to mention a number of Frida wannabes, dressed to the nines in their feista-wear, some with drawn-on mustaches and unibrows. Oh, and there was a little dog, too, who sat obediently in a skull-decorated stroller and sometimes wore a little witch hat.

FridaStyle organizer Joy Barrett in blinding orange, with her talented friend from Minnesota. And there was a Frida and Diego photo booth... Finally, inside: An art vending machine and charming vending machine hostess, and a fiesta-worthy feast of roast pork and side-dishes at a friendly community table.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.