Parks & Recreation: Top five Tom Haverford moments

Aziz Ansari brings his Dangerously Delicious tour to Denver tonight. The stand-up album he's supporting, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, was one of the funniest releases of 2010. He also plays Tom Haverford on NBC's Parks and Recreation, which returns for season three next week. To prepare you for both, we present five of our favorite Tom Haverford moments from seasons one and two of the show.

5. DJ Roomba

One of the funniest parts of Tom Haverford's character is the contrast between his club king fantasy world and pencil pushing life. Here we have a novelty vacuum closet DJ, which is just fantastically depressing.

4. Photo Shoot

Getting in Anne's pants is another key element of Tom Haverford's character. They manage to not wear out the bit by never succumbing to making it an actual plot arc, just a part of the interaction between the two. And, again, there's the fantasy world meeting a banal reality

3. Speech Preperation

The show was still getting its bearings in season one, but Ansari has been consistently hilarious since the beginning. Here, early on, his terrible speechmaking advice manages to also be pretty excellent commentary on what it takes to get your voice heard.

2. Cup size

The Beauty Pageant episode is one of Tom Haverford's better show-off plot lines because the whole thing hinges on him making superficial, ill-timed passes at women. The above clip of cup size guessing is pretty great, and also from this episode is the closing credit bit where he reveals his flirtation tactic of handing out his house key to every girl he meets. It's the desperation.

1. Coon skin cap

Best open in the show's run, as far as we're concerned. It's so simple: Give Aziz Ansari a ridiculous thing (coonskin cap) and have him flail pickup lines around it for a couple minutes. We're especially fond of: "Nice hat. Wanna bone? That's you, talking to me."

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