Photos: VaVaVette sneak peek: Vintage/burlesque clothing madness

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The erstwhile and beloved burlesque emcee queen Cora Vette (aka Reyna Von Vett) is finally doing what she's threatened to do for a while now: opening up a store -- and with her burlesque wife Eve Vette, no less! And burlesque and vintage clothing enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that she's got all kinds of ability to custom-make clothing to your taste and shape. We stopped by the place (3501 Wazee Street, in the Wazee Union) for a sneak peek at what you'll see Friday night at the opening from 6 to 10 p.m.

VaVaVette is just south of the main Wazee Union block of offices; it has its own outside entrance.

Look for the completely adorable hanger on the door.

Entire burlesque costumes like this pink fringed number are for sale -- and you can order almost everything you see in the store custom-made to your exact specifications.

You'll also see all kinds of hand-made vintage clothing for sale.

There are some options for the boylesque artists, too -- including vests, boy-shorts and garments that I only know how to describe as "banana hammocks."

Scattered around are vintage touches like these magazines and a classy clutch purse.

Want a dress with dancing skeletons? Here's one!

There are pattern books up front classified by decade, plus books for men, teens/kids and an entire pattern book devoted to plus-size styles.

Once you pick your pattern, Von Vett -- who makes all her own costumes -- can help you select a fabric and put it all together for you.

Here's her ridiculous stash of patterns.

Good luck picking out a fabric -- this is just a sliver of the closet.

There's a sewing table right there where Von Vett can work her magic.

And sewing machines, too.

There's even an antique Singer on display up front.

This blue satin gown is a beautiful example of Von Vett's sewing prowess.

And there are lots of '60s-inspired flowing tops and dresses ("go-go anywhere" styles that fit all body shapes like a dream and are too comfortable for words) for your inner flower child.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for purchase if you just want to stop in for a special event or performance.

That includes some limited-time-only items like this vintage wedding dress.

The number of pasties in the store boggles the mind. This is just the front-of-store display, and there's a pastie area in the back laid out with works-in-progress. (And check out those rhinestone-covered gems -- they're backed with sparkle vinyl for extra shimmer.)

You can custom-order pasties, too -- and where else can you find hands or skulls to cover your nipples?

There are clip-on flowers for hair and clothing, too, also handmade in-house.

This is a collection of some of Von Vett's favorite sewing-related vintage items she's collected over the years, on display in her sewing area. (Note the "tie him up with tenderness" tagline on the tie pattern.)

Display items like these shoes and purse help set the atmosphere.

You can also order fans for burlesque routines at VaVaVette.

Cora Vette and Eve Vette's respective business cards really capture their talents, don't you think?

Visit www.vavavette.com or stop by the store for the grand opening on Friday from 6 to 10 p.m.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.