Project Runway Recap

After 3 seasons of Project Runway, it seems evident that nobody does the wacky-artsy-type thing like an aspiring designer (though you can also catch some truly wacked-out antics on America’s Next Top Model, which is also on tonight). And nobody has perfected this craziness as much as this season’s yoga-lovin’, marionette-puppet-creatin’ designer Elisa, whose first creation would have actually been pretty fabulous had it not been for that whole “pooing fabric” effect that host Heidi Klum so accurately described. First Elisa rolls around on the grass in Bryant Park with her fabric to help infuse it with some earthy, grass stained, goodness. Then she crafts a dress that was so bottom heavy that her model couldn’t even walk. But at least by finishing early she was able to squeeze in a little nap while all of the other designers frantically worked to finish their designs.

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Sean Cronin