Prud Collective Launches Ethical Fashion With a Fashion Show and Pop-Up Shop on Thursday

African tradition meets Colorado style on Thursday, December 18 at Beacons Community Creative Space, where Prud Collective will host an Ethical Fashion launch of its new spring 2015 line with a pop-up shop, cocktails and a fashion show. Prud founder Dacia McPherson's love of American, Japanese and Scandinavian styles are clear in the collection, as are the artistic influences of her design team. See also: Prud Style Has Designs on Taking Fashion From Africa to Denver and Back Prud Collective was started by McPherson, a Colorado native, after she had spent several years working in business and development in various African countries. She ended up living in Ghana, where she found many great materials that weren't being used in mainstream Western fashion, and she met a lot of talented designers. Tired of the way Africa was frequently stereotyped as a place in need of business help with no appreciation of culture, McPherson and her partners started Prud Collective.

Prud does help the area by sourcing local materials and investing in material value chains across West Africa; the company hopes to become a way to sustainably employ a lot of people. But Prud Collective's higher motivation is to simply pursue a love of design, in a way that respects culture and can also bring different cultures together. Prud Collective's craft speaks to a new era of globalization, consumer consciousness and cross-cultural identity.

Prud's headquarters are in Denver and its first ever shipment of goods is arriving at Denver International Airport from Accra, Ghana, just in time for the event. "Colorado is an entrepreneurial place and Colorado's entrepreneurial and open-minded spirit really undergird everything we do at Prud Collective," McPherson says. "Colorado is also one of the best places in the world to be for the holidays, and we are excited to have a holiday party in Denver."

The launch party on December 18 is the first opportunity to check out Prud's spring 2015 collection. All items, including men's and women's clothing, shoes, leather bags and accessories, will be available for purchase.

The collection is titled Winter Beach. "We're bringing beach vibes from Ghana all the way to the Colorado winter," says McPherson. "Think white palm trees, beach lanterns and other-worldly. We'll open the pop-up shop at 3 p.m. and the party will start at 6 p.m. with drinks and Ghanaian food provided by a local African restaurant." The fashion show will start at 8 p.m. Admission to the event is free and includes a chance to shop for rare gifts and support a good cause just before the holidays.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.