Puff, Pass and Paint Celebrates New Home — and Bob Ross

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Heidi Keyes's Puff, Pass and Paint is a very different kind of art class, combining canvas, cocktails...and cannabis. Over the past year It's proved popular with locals and tourists alike, and last month it moved from the beleaguered Green Labs to a studio space at 2900 Marion Street shared with artist/MasterMind Lauri Lynnxe Murphy and her Mayday Experiment. The location isn't the only change: PPP recently began asking attendees to wear costumes that match themes announced on Facebook. The June 25 class was devoted to Bob Ross, the kitschy art instructor who passed away in 1995 — but survives on the web.
Curly afros and Bob Ross references were plentiful at the class, where Keyes offered her step-by-step, laissez-faire instructions for how to create a Ross-like original, named “Purple Haze.” The class seemed right at home in Murphy's studio, although that location is temporary. After summer ends, Keyes plans to move her PPP classes to a permanent space at 2087 South Grant Street, which she'll share with Colorado Cannabis Tours. An array of other classes — including yoga, Pilates and cooking — will begin there in September.

Although Puff, Pass and Paint has seen many changes, there is one constant: Attendees still smoke organic product grown by L’Eagle, a partner with PPP since its creation. This Mile High dispensary has a meticulous growing process. “Simply, selecting cannabis is just like selecting your food,” explains L’Eagle owner Amy Andrle. “If you expect high quality organic for produce, meats, grains, dairy, why not expect the same of a plant that you may be eating, smoking or concentrating? Marijuana is cultivated similar to any other agricultural crop.”
Although the government has prohibited the most harmful pesticides, L'Eagle holds itself to higher standards. “We represent responsible farming, quality over quantity," Andrle continues. "In this brand-new industry, cannabis selection and cultivation best practices are only now becoming differentiated in the market. The responsibility to actively seek out the highest integrity of product rests squarely on the consumer."
PPP painters can taste the organic difference for themselves; there are paper plates with pre-ground grams of L'Eagle's cannabis on each table, and they're included in the $50 tuition price. The June 25 class featured Keyes's favorite strain, Green Crack, a popular sativa that's sticky, sweet and has the flavors of Fruitie Pebbles or some equally sugary food item. 

The next Puff, Pass and Paint class runs from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, July 11, at 2900 Marion Street; there will be classes every Saturday through the summer. Find a complete schedule of classes here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.