Reader: A bitch is a bitch even in Mormon country

Comedian Lori Callahan is not getting rave reviews for her video mocking the current "I'm a Mormon" campaign, the appropriately titled "I'm NOT a Mormon."

"To me, it feels like a cult," Callahan says of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, explaining that the sketch was designed not to respond to the current ad campaign, but previous experience working in comedy clubs in Utah. "If you're not a Mormon, they treat you horribly."

But maybe that's all you deserve. Says Brad:

If I owned a club in Utah, I would treat her poorly too, because a bbitch is a bbitch and should be treated as one...even in Utah.

Ow! For more on Mormons, read our "shallow yet helpful guide to see if you should hate them or not." Follow us on Twitter!

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