Reader: Batman has become a symbol, like the columbine

Why do people feel they need to share their thoughts about an incident as horrific as the Aurora shootings in social media? The Internet overflows with comments, as people try to come to grips with their emotions. But as Bree Davies wrote in Tuesday's Breeality Bites, many of us seem to have developed an uncontrollable urge to have and voice our opinion right then and there, even as life -- whether a tragedy or a triumph of some kind -- is still happening.

Including opinions about the art for the piece. Says thedewd:

Is it just me, or is using a Batman silhouette in bad taste? Batman was not a victim.

and then he offers his own answer:

I don't think it's necessarily in bad taste. I think it's an image by which people can immediately identify the tragedy. I don't really find it terribly different than using a Columbine flower to symbolize the Columbine shootings. Just my opinion, though.

And what's your opinion? Will Batman become the symbol of these shootings?

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