Reader: Californians are incredibly arrogant and stupid about everything

Just in time to help you get out and celebrate the 4th in this beautiful state, our list of the "50 reasons Colorado is the best state in America" is getting a reprise around the country.

And so are comments from Colorado haters and lovers alike.

Says Dogco44:

Wow, grow up everyone. This is just a list someone made for fun and means nothing beyond that. What is with Californians? You bash every other state but when you perceive something as being derogatory towards CA, you go nuts. Grow up!!!!!!! HOLY S..T!!!! This doesn't mean Colorado is better than your precious little California. Please realize the only reason Colorado hates California people is because of how incredibly arrogant and stupid you are about everything. If I came to California and bragged about how cool Colorado is all the time and criticized California I'd expect to hated too. I'll stop now, I'm starting to sound like a Californian.

Miss the original list? Read it here...and then get out of the house and find other reasons to celebrate the state this week.

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