Reader: Colfax Marathon runner depends on the kindness of strangers

The Colfax Marathon always includes plenty of entertainment: end-or-race parties, streetside viewing at the

Irish Snug

, and this year a scooter parade. But when you're on the run, it's the very little things that count, as Rebecca Aronauer points out in her

"Colfax Marathon Dispatch,"
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with the top ten things she learned on the last fourteen miles of the race.

And another runner noticed one of those things. Says Jen:

This was my first marathon...and the guys with the oranges in Lakewood seriously saved my race...I was so struggling at that point but that made me feel so much better! I wish I knew their address so I could write a thank you note!

Did you run the Colfax marathon? Did you watch? What were your favorite moments?

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