Reader: Colorado would be a better place if cyclists had to pass road tests, just like motorists

The debate never stops rolling when it comes to two-wheelers in the Mile High City, whether its bikes verses cars, bikes verses bikes, or bikes verses, well, pigeons.

Which is why we suppose that Denver's latest installation of the incredibly popular and costume-positive Tour de Fat, which took place September 10 at City Park, sparked a couple of comments concerning cyclists and the people they love.

Here's one from Derp McGurk:

"I am of the opinion that making Colorado a better place to ride bikes involves teaching road manners to bikers and making them pass a "riding test," similar to what motorists have to pass to get their licenses.

Many bikers have this notion that, just cause they are not operating a motor vehicle, they no longer have to abide by basic traffic rules.

Riding 3-4 abreast, blowing through red lights and stop signs, buzzing pedestrians on sidewalks, and changing lanes without signaling are but a few of the transgressions of bikers committed on a daily basis."

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