Reader: Josiah Hesse is cruising for a bruising

Cool or crap? Yesterday two Show and Tell writers offered a point/counterpoint on cruiser bikes. But while Britt Chester has been cruising with his "Cruiser bikes rule" piece, Josiah Hesse's "Cruiser bikes suck" seems to have hit a brick wall...of criticism.

Says doogens:

This is one of the most ridiculous articles I've read in a while. Last time I checked, cruiser bikes do not by themselves ride on the sidewalk, run red lights, or do anything else. I am pretty sure that every rolling cruiser bike has a human being on it who makes decisions about how they wish to ride their bike. We could all offer stereotypes about the people who ride cruisers, or fixies, or road bikes, or trikes, or skateboards, or rollerblades, or those scooters with handlebars that I haven't seen anybody over age 10 ride. Or, not. Blame the fools who act like fools, and leave it at that. I am an advocate of all sorts of bikes; personally I don't care what type of bike you ride, as long as you ride it. It's the folks in a 4,000 lb SUV who are talking on a cell phone while driving that you should focus your energy on...

Read Josiah Hesse's piece here, and Britt Chester's here. And post your own thoughts on this debate below.

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