Reader: Karaoke at the Rear Inn was highly disappointing

Did you resolve to become more expressive in 2013? To indulge all of your artistic fantasies -- even if your wildest dream is to sing "Feelings" before a crowd? Inspired by our list of "Denver's ten best karaoke bars," one reader visited our number-one pick, the Rear Inn Lounge. And she didn't appreciate what she found. See also: - Denver's ten best karaoke bars - Meet Dave Staff, Denver's 70-year-old karaoke king

Says Sharell:

Decided because of this article to visit number one...and was highly disappointed. Don't get me wrong the bar is great, bartenders and staff are awesome, patrons are friendly-ish...though most can't carry a tune in a bucket (the worst of which I am listening to right now murdering "i told you so") ...the way things are run suck. They started late, had absolutely no announcements, no instructions on how things are run...the kj was rude and very unfriendly. We were here for 3 hours before they started the new rotation...on a good note, it is a big bar, the dance floor is nice, and the stage is cool...but I will not be coming back here. Park centere lounge and dubbs pub are my 2 favorites on the list...I want to know who the hell decided this place was the best so I can slap them.

A slap might seem an excessive reaction, but people feel strongly about karaoke. What's your favorite spot in town? What's your favorite song?

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