Reader: Proud to be a nerd at Nan Desu Kan!

People are still talking about the 2012 Nan Desu Kan convention that filled the Marriott at the Denver Tech Center with camaraderie and costumes earlier this month. Bree Davies was there for the entire weekend of anime and gaming of all eras, tropes and worldly origins -- where she heard conventioneers proudly using the term "nerd." As one of the sixteenth annual convention's directors, Jeremy Pieta, pronounced at the closing ceremony: "This is what I like, this is who I am and goddamnit, I'm going to Nan Desu Kan!"

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And he's not alone. Says marketingnerd:

Proud to be a NERD and it is no longer derogatory to be called that .

How was the entire experience? Totally worth it, Davies says. "Being surrounded by experts in a field you know nothing about keeps you humble," she writes, "and I could always use more of that." Read all about Bree's experience at Nan Desu Kan here, and post your own thoughts below.

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