Reader: Star Trek outfit at a Star Wars party? Fail!

"Comics and sci-fi are the new archetypes of our culture; we relate to

Star Wars

and Stan Lee's characters, and we've created new mythologies through them," says Dan Landes, restaurateur and self-confessed sci-fi geek. And on May 4, Landes's

City, O' City

hosted a full-on orgy of nerdness with the May the Fourth Be With You sci-fi costume party.

But one commenter wasn't thrilled with the results, as shown in our May the Fourth Be With You slide show.

Says Guest:

Um, have ANY of these people seen any of the Star Wars movies? Those "costumes" were a disgrace! And when did that D-bag think it was a good idea to wear a Star Trek getup to a Star Wars party?! Ugh! Stop glorifying these horrible tweaked out drunks and start covering some important, relevant Denver news!

How about this for important news? May 4 is over -- for this year, at least -- but thanks to Landes, the force will be with you all year-round via this list of his top five sci-fi films .

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