Reader: The yuks stopped here, at the Squire

Reader: The yuks stopped here, at the Squire

Greg Baumhauer hosted his last open-mic comedy night at the Squire on Tuesday, leaving behind lots of memories -- some good, some bad. First the good, from Veronica:

I feel sick that I missed Squire's last comedy night. I feel sick that I wasn't able to see Greg up on that stage one last time. Greg and Tuesday nights at Squire were definitely a high point of my life in Denver. Or low point depending on how many crack heads bummed a cigarette from me out on the sidewalk. I'm just glad I was able to be a part of this crazy night there over the past 2 years. Greg, I love you man and I can't wait to see what shit you're going to throw at us next. :)

And then there's this from mistercrispy:

Good riddance. This show gave comedy a bad name. Before you jump to claiming this is sour grapes from a failed open-micer, think again. I'm not a performer. I'm a comedy fan. I went to the show exactly three times, each time optimistic that the previous time was a fluke. Like Lucy swiping the football away from Charlie Brown, I was sadly mistaken....

Read the rest rest of mistercrispy's comment, along with our exit interview with Greg Baumhauer, here.

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