Reader: There are more pressing problems than bike fashion

Cruiser bikes have been all over Denver this summer, and so have critics of Josiah Hesse's "Cruiser bikes suck: They attract Philistines and ruin cycling for the rest of us." But as it turns out, those commenters were just getting rolling.

Even as the USA Pro Challenge starts today, showing exactly what non-cruiser bikes and their riders can do, the critics who think Josiah is cruisin' for a bruisin' are taking another lap.

Says Qanda:

First world problem...ever think of writing about something with some depth...this is why i think you weed funded zine is absolute garbage...your editor should read your dribble before publishing...there are more pressing problems than bike fashion in the world...i think you write like a wimp and have no purpose...i hope this is not your only hobby...and yes writing for this rag is a hobby...i know what you hacks get paid...

Read Josiah's original "Cruiser bikes suck" here, and Britt Chester's counterpoint here.

And find out the best places to watch the USA Pro Challenge here.

"Cruiser bikes rule" comeback here.

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