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Red Rocks Gallery Celebrates Legendary Venue With Local Art

Red Rocks Gallery Celebrates Legendary Venue With Local Art
Painting by Dale Daniel/courtesy Red Rocks Art Gallery
Update, October 2020: This gallery has closed.

Forget to buy that tour poster? Want to find a special gift for a music lover? Or simply miss the magic of Red Rocks Amphitheatre? You can now find photographs, posters, prints, custom artwork and more celebrating the legendary venue at the Red Rocks Art Gallery in Morrison.

In mid-May, Jamie and Scott Jasper opened the gallery right behind Happy Shack and My Sister's Attic, two of Morrison's quirkiest shops. The compact gallery at 108 Market Street occupies a converted garage that used to be a furniture salesroom for My Sister's Attic; it was the only space available at the time.

Painting by Val Peters/courtesy Red Rocks Art Gallery
"We just had a vision," says Jamie. That vision was to create a gallery as an extension of Red Rocks Amphitheatre, so that people could stay connected with the venue through a piece of art.

Jamie had been at a Red Rocks concert when Colorado artist Scramble Campbell did a live painting. It was out of her price range, though. “I always wanted a super-cool Red Rocks painting but really couldn’t find any," she recalls. And so she and Scott opened a gallery.

"We had one picture to start with," says Scott.

Scott and Jamie Jasper met at Red Rocks, at a Furthur concert in 2012. "Ours is a love story with Red Rocks," Jamie says. "I fell in love with Red Rocks after my first concert and decided that I had to work there so I could be there all the time. It was a wonderful place that brought me so much happiness — the energy of the crowd, the beauty of the rocks and hills and the Denver skyline, so picturesque. One day I was walking by a man who looked confused, so I stopped and asked him, 'Are you lost?' I guess I really did find him. We fell in love and are married. We had our first kiss in the tunnel at Red Rocks, and in that same spot, my husband proposed to me."

Painting by David Sockrider/courtesy of Red Rocks Gallery
Now the Jaspers want to celebrate Red Rocks and its incredible history in Colorado. One of the items featured in their gallery is Colorado author Lawrence Johnson's Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. The book chronicles Red Rocks through the years, contrasting photographs of the same location in different time periods. By flipping through the pages, you can see when there used to be a viewing platform and stairs at the top of the north-facing Creation Rock. It's hard to imagine that nowadays, when you can't even buy a bottle of water with a cap on it or have any glass at the venue.
courtesy Red Rocks Art Gallery

One of the gallery's best sellers is a print of the poster for the 1964 Red Rocks show with The Beatles; it was the only time the Fab Four played in Colorado. The Jaspers say people who've bought the poster told them they were at that show 54 years ago.

Although some of the artwork can be purchased online, most of it is only available in the gallery. There are about thirty original pieces hanging on the walls; bins hold more posters and prints. The prices range from $15 for a print to $1,900 for the most expensive original work.

Most of the art is by Colorado artists; the Jaspers are enthusiastic about working with locals. Some of the works are there on consignment, some were purchased outright by the gallery, and others were commissioned by the Jaspers. They also commissioned Denver artist Emily Dwan to do the gallery logo; some of her other work is available there, too.
click to enlarge The music never stops at Red Rocks Art Gallery in Morrison. - TRISTAN NISKANEN
The music never stops at Red Rocks Art Gallery in Morrison.
Tristan Niskanen
For that matter, Jamie has her own art for sale at the gallery. One of her paintings is a textured, colorful depiction of a concert. "That's how I feel at Red Rocks," she says.

And a piece of art helps you remember the moment. "If people don't get the merch poster, they really don't have anything," she explains. But a stop by Red Rocks Art Gallery can change that.

On Saturday, September 1, Kenneth Williams will do a live drawing at Red Rocks Art Gallery, which will auction off some of his work. The gallery will also be a part of Morrison Ciderfest, set for Saturday, September 29, in downtown Morrison.

Find out more about the Red Rocks Art Gallery here.
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