"Reflections" celebrates a woman's inner beauty at the Fashion Design Center tomorrow

"Reflections": A Celebration of Beauty" should be a beauty of an event at the Fashion Design Center Denver on Friday, June 20. Developer Lisa Curwen connected with Lisa Eberlein to organize a fashion show inspired by the poem "Mirror, Mirror"; Eberlien also produced a special film that will premiere there. And Lisa Ramfjord Elstun, founder of the Fashion Design Center and a 2014 MasterMind, joined the project to create high-fashion designs using locally dyed silks. Together, the three Lisas will host a celebration for women of all ages, shapes and colors, one that shows where a woman's inner beauty really comes from.

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"Women feel good when they have the right fit, the right style and the right color. If a woman looks good, she will feel good. If a woman has all of these things, the viewer will see that her beauty is only enhanced by her clothes," explains Ramfjord Elstun. Elstun's collection was designed to enhance a woman's silhouette with a wardrobe that can travel with her through the day -- or around the world. That's why there are separates in the collection. Each piece was manufactured at the FDC with fabric dyed at Fox Ryde Gardens, a environmentally sustainable facility.

"It's three separate projects that are coming together on Friday," Ramfjord Elstun explains. "A colleague of mine, Sheron Buchele Rowland, does the dying in Loveland. The color palate is inspired by the natural colors we find in Colorado. It's a fun process to see how all of this is coming together."

Want to see the result? "Reflections" runs from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, June 20 at the Fashion Design Center. Purchase tickets online here.

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