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Rockmount Ranch Wear's brushes with celebrity

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In the over half a decade LoDo's Rockmount Ranch Wear has been in business, the company has had the time to brush elbows with quite a few celebrities. Stars like Elvis, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie have all been seen sporting Rockmount's unique brand of western wear, which will be the subject of the exhibition Cowboys and Rock Stars, opening today at the Foothills Art Center. Foothills curator Michael Chavez told us just a few of Rockmount's vast store of celebrity stories. Eric Clapton Michael Chavez: Eric Clapton, when he reunited with Cream in 2005 and played those reunion shows in London, he got in touch with Steve [Weil] and said "Hey, I've found a couple of your shirts at this store in England, I really love them, and I just wanted to let you know that I wore one the other night at our concert." And he wanted some more shirts basically. He wanted Steve to ship them to him. But it was just a matter of a couple days and Steve was like, well, I probably can't ship them to you in time, but I know one way I could get them to you in time is if I get them on a plane and go to London. Clapton says "I'll get you into the concert if you bring the shirts." So Steve flies to London with the Rockmount shirts for Eric Clapton, Clapton wears them at the show and Steve gets to go to this fantastic, exclusive, once in a lifetime concert with Eric Clapton. Brokeback Mountain MC: The biggest exposure was the use of the shirts in Brokeback Mountain. They use several. The costume designer got in touch with Rockmount and they bought I don't know how many shirts. Lots. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are wearing several different examples of Rockmount shirts. The story ends and has a lot to do with the shirts. He bleeds on the shirt and then he goes back and gets the shirt from Jake Gyllenhaal's mom and then the last scene of the movie he's hanging up the shirt on his closet door. That shirt, the Heath Ledger shirt, is a Rockmount shirt. The kind of important ingredient of the story is a Rockmount shirt. Jack White MC: I've got the shirt [in the art show] that Jack White is wearing on the cover of the Elephant album for The White Stripes, which is extremely cool. I just got in touch with his management. With all the celebrities that have worn Rockmount, I did a lot of research. Robert Redford is a little hard to get in touch with. For whatever reason I found the management company that manages Jack White and I called them up in L.A., they said "talk to this person." I emailed her what I was doing, she said wait a minute, let me ask Jack and I'll get back to you. Twenty minutes later she emailed me and said yeah, he says he'll do it.

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