Scene, Not Herd

Three items stand out on the list I was given of reasons to attend design studio MATTER’s annual Holiday Party and Print Sale tonight: Ian Cooke and Astra Moveo will rock you (gently); there will be many gallons of mojitos (possibly up to 25); and, most strikingly, Rick Griffith (founder, owner and mad-scientist-in-chief of MATTER) promises, “We are twice as bad-ass as we used to be.”

Having never been good at math, this is hard for me to calculate. MATTER might just be Denver’s most idiosyncratic and innovative design studio/laboratory of creative thought. Times two now. Go figure. What is a mathematical certainty is that the holiday party and print sale is always a brilliant menagerie of screen-printed curios, objects to entrance the design-obsessed, music and people-watching.

Also, says Griffith, “We sell [gorgeous] limited-edition prints and our [nerve-tinglingly cool] paper products, some shirts, skirts and a miscellany of designed things. This is a chance to get some finely designed limited-edition stuff.”

The party runs from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at 2132 Market Street. Prints available for purchase and subsequent thoughtful gifting or (in my case) selfish hoarding are lovingly crafted by Griffith (check out some of his Obama-related prints at, the MATTER minions and collaborators in MATTER’s annual Printed by Designers invitational, an event for which friends of the studio make special trips to Denver. It’s always well worth the price of free admission, even without the mojitos. Visit
Fri., Dec. 19, 2008

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Sean Cronin

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